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Nothing but fresh air, all year long.

Invest in your health with better air quality, and save money in the long run.

Check out this FREE tool at to learn about the best units to manage air quality and provide energy cost savings in your facility or home! There's only one way to ensure your property's air quality is healthy, and that's to take an active role.

  • Testing kits for mold growth
  • Unsealed / dirty air ducts cleaning and repair with 3-stage Mastic seal
  • Mold resistant ductwork installed / formaldehyde-free, lifetime warranty on defects and workmanship, 50% quieter, prevents sweating

Get a FREE energy audit from an IAQ certified technician

Do you ever wonder whether your heating and cooling units are ultimately costing you more than you need? What kind of air conditioning do you need for the cubit feet in your space? Wouldn’t you like to do it more cheaply.

At Air Time Air Conditioning & Heating, we are committed to educating you about saving green — being both energy efficient and cost effective. With a few simple fixes or a new unit, you can have dramatic improvement on your air quality.

Call today to schedule your next appointment. You'll be breathing fresh air in no time.


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